terça-feira, 28 de agosto de 2012

PPP Heads-up Only coming for just $1.99!!

So we have figured out how to make what is commonly known as a "light" version of our app (buy full version here). We weren't going to give you a tool that would stop working after a few sessions, nor one that would only give you results for say, suited hands. So this is our approach:

It's, of course, Perfect Preflop Play's heads-up mode, which we are soon launching as a standalone app. It will not contain 9-max or the upcoming 6-max mode, or the PPP book, but anyway it's pretty easy to use if you read the free articles and videos on this blog, and for those of you who specialize in heads-up tournaments it may just be all you ever need, as it covers everything you need to know when facing a push heads-up (and of course the Q scale and class are going to guide you when it's your turn to shove). 

This will also cover situations in non-heads-up tournaments when you're in the small blind against a shove from any player, or when you're in the big blind against a shove from the small blind, but as long as there are no antes. That's because the with-antes column for heads-up assumes only 2 antes posted, which is, of course, not the case for a full table. And the Q scale and class are going to guide you in playing  or folding your hand from any position. 

So it is a little crippled for non-heads-up, but it's still a perfect utility whether you play heads-up tournaments (where there are never antes), or you arrive at heads-up play after a series of eliminations at a bigger table (where tipically there will be antes, then you use the rightmost column). 

But if you are not a heads-up specialist and are considering buying the full version, this is still the way to go, simply because there is no waste. You get PPP Heads-up Only for $1.99, you see what it's about, and then you upgrade to the full version for $4.99 if you ever feel like it - and no, there will be no pop-up asking you to do it. No restrictions - you get the exact full version, book and all, and you actually save one cent!

There's also a no-antes screen, and 6-max mode for more accurate results for a shorter table. And of course you get to keep heads-up mode  

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