segunda-feira, 27 de agosto de 2012

6-max mode coming soon as a free update

Perfect Preflop Play (app store link) is getting even better soon, and for free! 6-max mode is getting implemented in version 1.1 for free in just a few weeks. 6-max mode is going to give you more accurate results for short-handed games when there's an ante, as compared to what is now normal mode (soon renamed to 9-max). 

So if you start out playing only 6-max tables, you want to just use 6-max mode from the start until heads-up. But if you play 9-player SNG's, then you want to use 9-max at first, then switch as the table shrinks. But don't worry - if you forget to switch, 9-max is still going to guide your game very well, but using 6-max at the right time will enable you to make some razor-thin value calls. 

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