sexta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2013

Perfect Preflop Play Deluxe now for sale


 The most complete version of PPP has arrived, and it's for sale right here.

PPP Deluxe is identified by the black background in the App Store

After picking your priority, it's time to pick your table size. For an exclusive heads-up session, pick Heads-up; for and exclusive MTT session, pick 9-max; and if you're playing mostly non-heads-up sit-and-gos, 6-max is the way to go, since even 9-max sit-and-gos are going to be 6-handed or so by the time the big decisions arise. 

Perfect Preflop Play is now complete. Our Deluxe version adds Monster, the tool that gives you precise numbers for shoving the small blind and big blind, with and without antes, for break-even and relevant profit purposes. It also gives you the tools to make informed decisions regading what hands to shove and fold from all other positions. Really, once you master PPP Deluxe, the sky is the limit. 


Our incredibly practical keyboard, where you type in any hand in 2 seconds to get access to a world of valuable information. If preflop hold'em play is a swimming pool, this turns it into one with no deep end.

Note that version 1.1 is going to add the Monster Book for free for all players who buy now at the current discounted price. Players who wait till version 1.1 are going to pay an extra $2. 

Other than that, PPP Deluxe has all the functions of the original (green) PPP. You can shift between normal and Relevant Profit modes by just tapping the top of the screen once. This lets you know which calls (and pushes, for Monster) give you less than 5% profit but are still safe, and which are outside the profitable spectrum altogether. This takes the concept of "informed decisions" to a whole new level. PPP now contains a whopping 2,366 result screens of indispensable information. 

But there's more. Before you start using PPP at all, you can choose your priority, whether you're more of a Relevant Profit or a normal mode player. This will determine which results show up first. You can still look at your least favorite mode with just one tap, but if you prefer you never have to waste a second looking at it.

Break-even (gray) versus relevant profit (tan) mode for the same hand (a pair of Deuces contemplating a call). You can shift between modes with just one tap, depending on whether you want to extract every bit of value. The priority you picked at the beginning decides which mode will be shown to you first. 


General description: 

Do you know in which situation you should call a 13 BB all-in bet by an opponent when you hold K2o? Hint: the answer is not always, nor is it never, and it’s almost impossible to be mathematically sure about this type of play. Well, it used to be. 



. PPP book 

. Monster book (coming soon for free) 
. Normal 9-max mode 
. Normal heads-up mode 
. Normal 6-max mode 
. Relevant profit 9-max 
. Relevant profit heads-up 
. Relevant profit 6-max 
. 9-max Monster 
. 6-max Monster 
. Heads-up Monster 
. 2,366 result screens (14 per hand), 34,476 recommendations 

PPP is an app created to enable its user to take advantage of hidden preflop opportunities in order to improve their expectation in tournaments and cash games. It’s not about trying to cheat. PPP organizes the relevant information between your hand, your position, and your opponent’s range in a whole new way, accessible for consultation and application in real time while you play online, in just three taps of your iPhone or iPod Touch. 

Heads-up calling mode. This gives you a cleaner screen, showing only the information necessary for when you're playing a heads-up sit-and-go, or down to two players.

PPP is an advanced poker learning tool that is going to make you a better player, and one much more knowledgeable regarding the (frequently not obvious) relations that math imposes on the elements of the game. But we don’t leave you in the dark. We know the beginner is probably not yet at a level where they ask some of the questions answered by the app. That is why PPP includes a book (available in English and Portuguese in the same version) that explains in detail the importance of the mathematical concepts that matter to the game, and will sharpen your focus so that you can use the app in all of its potential. Read carefully, get used to how PPP works, and you are not only going to win (more) money, but you will know exactly where it comes from.

Tan (relevant profit) Monster, our pushing machine for incredible accuracy. Break-even (gray) Monster gives the exact numbers you can shove profitably from the small blind. RP Monster gives you the numbers for shoving the small blind with unmissable profitability (5% stack increase). But here's the thing. While shoving the small blind is a way simpler equation t. han any other position, these numbers can be used as the correct ones for shoving the button! According to our theorem, you must only make plays that have a chance of being right. So step one for shoving the button is asking yourself, "Would this at least yield relevant profit if I were the SB?" If the answer is no, then shoving the button is too risky. So you can use the tan screen for shoving the button (meaning you're only shoving the button with a hand that would be an unmissable shove from the small blind), and the gray screen for the small blind. Or you can use only the tan screen for either, if you're more conservative. For greater explanation on the mathematical thinking behind all of this, get PPP Deluxe and wait for the Monster Book, coming free in version 1.1. 

Perfect Preflop Play is not a scam and it’s not magic. It came from an instructor’s need to teach poker quickly to a student. The app compiles all of the knowledge acquired in that process and presents it so as to free the user from doing math and let them focus on observing opponents’ tendencies. Make no mistake about it. PPP does not substitute your intelligence in deciphering your foes, nor do we want to form players who are unable to play without checking it. On the contrary, PPP is a learning tool, and once you get used to how it works, you are going to see the game in a much clearer, more organized way, and you are going to be a more competent player the next time you find yourself without it.