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How it works

Pick your language, and then either read the lessons - which focus on the concepts relevant to playing hold'em accurately preflop - or go to war!

Type in your hand, which takes one second,

and you land on the spreadsheet for a game with antes,

where you immediately get the pot odds necessary to call an all-in bet against all six relevant hand ranges, translated into a maximum number of big blinds for whatever position you may be in. Just estimate which range best describes your opponent's play in this situation, and make your move knowing exactly what is profitable and unprofitable against each degree of aggressiveness. You also find a Q-scale score and class for the hand, which help you decide what to do when it's your turn to shove or fold with it. And we even show you a hand of similar strength (there being one) to make your decision easier, since you should usually treat both the same way in a push/fold situation.

Oh, and that's not nearly all! If your game has no antes, just tap the right-hand side of the spreadsheet to land instantly on the "no antes" spreadsheet and get the right numbers for your current situation. The whole process is so fast it's ridiculous. Tap the second spreadsheet and you're back to hand selection to make money off of someone else.

Also, if you're playing a session of nothing but heads-up poker - or if you've gotten heads-up at the end of a tournament, - then, make no mistake about it, all the info you need is on the normal "no antes" spreadsheet (you don't need to switch modes between a hand on a full-ring table and another on a heads-up table), but it also shows you a lot of numbers you won't need. In that case you may want to go back and choose heads-up mode, which shows you just one results screen for each hand - nothing more and nothing less than you need.

But maybe you're not sure you've got it all down pat. So, instead of going to war right away, step back and read the lessons included in the app for free. All of the concepts relevant to preflop play are explained there very clearly - and you may be surprised that you might not even know for sure why you play poker, or what it means to make a good decision! But after you experience PPP, you are going to walk out not as just a good PPP user, but as someone who thinks with much greater clarity about the game of no-limit hold'em - even when you don't have your phone on you.

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